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Neuropsychological department

Neuropsychological department

The neuropsychological department specializes in neurodegenerative neurological diseases (dementia, Parkinson's disease). The goal is to really help the tenant and his family with the following services:

Neuropsychological evaluation

Neuropsychological examination provides a description of the cognitive functions, focusing on who has been affected and to what extent. It helps to identify the presence or not of dementia. It is administered using specific psychometric tools. All guests will be evaluated for their mental state in order to have a clear clinical assessment of the severity of dementia and to monitor their clinical development in order to improve their mental health and mental well-being.

Mental rehabilitation

Non-pharmaceutical dementia interventions are not just complementary therapies but they are optional therapies. Cognitive empowerment programs are individualized or grouped with various mental exercises (simple or complex), using empowerment software programs, updated and annotated annotations, and memory games. The goal of our unit is to train their minds to stay mentally healthy, maintain their functionality, their autonomy and their quality of life.

Caregiver counseling for dementia

In our unit the neuropsychologist is at the disposal of relatives and carers with the aim of informing them about the course of dementia, its symptoms and how to treat them. Discuss with them any issues that concern them with their human being, with the aim of alleviating their anxiety and worries about the need to seek help from an aged care unit. It is our duty to provide psychological support to the families of the tenants.

Memory clinic

The memory clinic will operate in our unit in collaboration with a specialist neurologist and will examine those interested in external and internal collaboration with the neuropsychologist, in order for those concerned to investigate their memory capacity, either due to problems or preventive.



Our unit is located at 30 Kapodistriou Ave., MAROUSI, 151 23. Find us on the map here.
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